Artist Zoe Litaker
Sights on the City
Episode 42

We talk to Durham artist Zoe Litaker in episode 42 of Sights on the City. Litaker, a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Fine Arts, is a terrific photographer.

We wanted to engage her in a conversation about the fabulous collages she makes from her own photos. Cutting up and repurposing work, taping and tearing, layering and constructing, she takes the view of the world that she holds inside of her head and recreates for us.

Zoe Litaker

Zoe Litaker

She has recently worked on a fanastic series reimagining classical myths with a feminist twist from the Minotaur, to the Unicorn, to the Trojan Horse, and more.

Next up for Litaker a thought provoking photo essay on the dancers of Durham, see some of it on her Instagram.

Film and production by Josh Hardt.

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