The Josh Craig on
The Clarion Content Podcast
Episode 3, 2018

Special guest, The Josh Craig, joined the Clarion Content podcast for Episode 3 of the 2018 season.

The Josh Craig is a DJ from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. I met him at Treee City’s album premier for Raund Haus at Runaway Clothes. He is on a nationwide music tour and taking photos for Polaroids of the People. Real polaroids of real people.

He hit our Durham community first!

Next, he is performing at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

His friend Marlo, who had moved from Brooklyn to Durham and is working at Surf Club, hooked up Craig with the local music maven, beatmaker and impresario, Randy aka Trandle. Trandle hooked The Josh Craig up with a loaner of two Technics 1200 Turntables and a battle style mixer. While he was here, Craig hit Bull City Records to reninforce what he’d brought with him from Greenpoint. (On the pod, he’ll tell you about a couple of very special albums he found there…)

Saturday night thanks to his friend Marlo, he DJ’d at Surf Club and played some of those records.

Finally, he stopped by the Clarion Content podcast at The Mothership to share his story, then he was off to the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

Naturally, there was more to this story than even we knew. Craig also works for a computer company called Looking Glass Factory which designs sound reactive visuals and interactive holographic displays. He has even worked on 3-D weather simulators and jingles for Amazon’s Alexa.

He is also a finalist in a national Game Developers Contest. At the Controller Game Developers Contest next month in San Francisco, Craig and his business partner will be competing with “Doors to the City” a 3-d, interactive, skateboarding game they’ve developed. It uses a toy tech deck, copper wires, and a usb cable to let you perform tricks with your mini board that your character acts out in real time in the game.

When he is in Brooklyn, you can catch The Josh Craig DJ’ing at Magick City, #37 Box Street. His show is called the TJC Takeover.
Podcast, Episode 3, 2018: The Josh Craig

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    The Josh Craig

    Really appreciated spending time and discussing everything im working on. Love Durham. See yall again soon

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