Kooley High

Charlie Smarts, Ill Digitz, Tab-One, and The Sinopsis are Kooley High.

Never Come Down” their newest project has 9th Wonder’s backing and everybody talking. (9th Wonder is credited as the Executive Producer).

Last week our friends, photographers and programmers, Shep Bryan and Carolyn Caldwell of Beaumonde Media, caught up with Kooley High at their show at the Lincoln Theatre.

Below are two amazing 360o photographs from that evening and a full-interactive, totally unique, 360o album cover for “Never Come Down”.

Each photograph, which rotate with a finger swipe or a mouse, is filled with what Bryan and Beaumonde call eggs or candy; sound samples, biographical details about the band members, their social media links, and more.

Experience Kooley High like you never before have.

kooley high

Want to dig even deeper into Kooley High?

Check out this conversation with The Sinopsis on the local Hip-Hop authority, the Super Empty podcast.

Shep Bryan

Of Beaumonde's two co-founders, Shep is the musical one. He's extremely passionate about opening new doors for artists, and considers himself a snazzy songwriter and music producer. He has shown a short film at the Cannes Film Festival, published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, and has racked up nearly one million custom Snapchat Geofilter views.

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