Submission Guidelines

At Clarion Content, we are looking for submissions that strike the delicate balance between putting forth compelling opinion and being grounded in fact. Preference is given to pieces that are well-researched and cited and/or a personal view of a topic that is placed within a broader context in a way that will be intriguing to our largely Durham-based readership.

We especially value the voices of long time Durham residents, women, black, brown, queer, and trans people, and anyone else whose voices have historically been suppressed. We encourage everyone to submit, regardless of writing skill or formal educational background. Our editor will work with you to ensure that your voice is heard, while also upholding a standard that ensures clarity.

We’re committed to publishing the best work possible and that often requires revisions. In order to avoid having your piece sent back to revise, please adhere to the following guidelines:

-Submit work as a .doc, .docx, .text, a Google Doc, or in the body of the email.

-Make sure all links are hyperlinked within the document or paste the URL in brackets next to the appropriate text.

-Attach all photos in the email, and use bracketed text to indicate where the photos should be place in the article.

-There is no length requirement, but be sure to submit enough content to make the gist of your piece clear to the reader.

Submit all pieces to clarioncontent (at) gmail (dot) com.