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Aaron Mandel – Founder



Aaron Mandel is a writer and an accomplished public speaker. He is the former editor and publisher of the Clarion Content, a multimedia and consulting company. For more than five years, the Clarion Content’s media arm, under Mandel’s direction, has covered Durham’s arts, politics, music, and cultural milieu. From breaking news stories to the hottest local acts, the Clarion Content is on the scene. The Clarion Content’s consulting arm represents a bevy of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs; from classically trained painters and sculptors to hip-hop MCs, from professors and consultants to inventors.

Mandel has been published in the Raleigh News and Observer, produced numerous art shows, and was recently a featured speaker at “The State of Publishing” conference held in Durham, NC. He was also the play-by-play announcer for the D.B.L., a Durham youth basketball league, this summer. He has lived in North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana and Baja California, Mexico.



Justin Laidlaw host Town Hall


Columnist, Justin Laidlaw, aka Buddy Ruski, is a renaissance man. Born and raised here in Watts-Hillandale, Durham, his interests range from the music business to politics, from Durham’s history and culture, to the world beyond. He is an avid hoops fan and self-proclaimed “Steph Curry of the YMCA.” He is the co-host of the Clarion Content’s You Tube Show Town Hall w/ Steve Schewel.

He is a Director of Communications and Operations at Durham’s smash hit Runaway Clothes.

“…style not only reveals the spirit of the man but reveals his identity, as surely as would his fingerprints.”

– E. B. White