Casey Steinbacher

Casey Steinbacher is the President and CEO of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce...The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business membership organization. The Chamber works with prospects interested in locating in Durham, existing companies looking to expand in Durham, and entrepreneurs starting up in Durham. The Durham Chamber works closely at the research institutions that drive the regional innovation and talent efforts of the Triangle. As President of the Durham Chamber, Casey is responsible for sifting through the millions of crazy, creative ideas the staff of the chamber routinely throw at her to determine which ones pass the ...”that’s so Durham” test.....and get put into practice to ensure a vibrant Durham business community. This requires her to go to a LOT of meetings and eat a LOT of chicken. Casey is a 1978 graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Urban Planning, she arrived in Durham in 2007; a place she is now happy and proud to call home. She is the mother of three daughters and 5 grandchildren...all of which live too far away.