Our book of the Durham Decade 2010-2019 is coming

We are creating a book about the last decade in Durham (2010-19). We will be using community recollections and the Clarion Content archives to build timelines into the book.

Over the last decade, Durham has grown in many directions, like branches on a tree, each new venture a blossoming flower bringing beautiful new things to our city. But like all trees, not every branch survives, and some of the flowers wilt away.

Here at the Clarion Content, we have had the honor and privilege of capturing a portion of the stories that make up the 2010’s in Durham. We hope that you can and will recall specific events, places, people, moments, and things over the last decade. We are going to build a book out of your recollections and the Clarion Content archives.

It is our intention to cast this book in timelines. We need your input to create this book in the right way. The Clarion Content was a crowd-sourced effort with more than one hundred writers, photographers, videographers, cartoonists, and podcasters contributing over the decade. We need a crowd-sourced book of the decade, a collective memory of how it really went.

This book of remembrance, Durham, 2010-2019, will be better the more memories we can get. You are our co-creators. It was your decade Durham.

Please find a link to our Durham Decade questionnaire, here.