Javier Sandoval

Vice President

JaviSquareEmail: JavierSandoval@ClarionContent.Com
Web Site: JavierASandoval.com

Javier Sandoval is a teenage entrepreneur and the youngest person to have gone through Techstars. When he’s not working on Fanzo, he’s either consulting small businesses or mentoring other young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hired as an office assistant during The Clarion Content’s startup stage, Sandoval went beyond by efficiently organizing the office, creating an Ebay store, designing the website, increasing team member efficiency through Google Apps for Business, assisting Latino clients negotiate on their mortgages, providing new graphic design, blog writing, press release, and social-media-management services to clients, and professionally networking with past or potential clients. Promoted to vice president and given part ownership in early 2012, Sandoval is now responsible for managing team members and client accounts, improving the company’s efficiency, and growing the clientele base.

​With The Clarion Content, Sandoval has consulted, marketed for, and/or promoted TriClean, Runaway Clothes, Alchemy Dimensional Products, Vaguely Reminiscent, LiLa, Mark Coffman, Sustain-a-Bull, and many more.

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