Thaddeus Hunt

Freelance Writer and Web Designer

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Tad is a freelance writer and web designer based out of the heart downtown Durham, NC.
He’s been writing since he figured out to pick up crayons as a child and he’s been creating things with ones and zeroes since the 90’s. He uploaded his first website over a blazingly fast 56k modem in rural New England where he was born and raised.


You can find some of his published writing here:

  • In the July 2013 issue of The Magazine (issue 19). “Tiny Furniture”, you can check it out right here.
  • The Magazine also published my piece in “The Magazine: The Book”, a “best of” anthology drawing from pieces written and published during their first 12 months of publication. So if you want paper pages to turn versus digital, you can read more about the book itself here, or purchase the book right here.
  • He’s also had other essays published on this very site you are reading.
  • Other, more personal self-published essays can be found on
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