Shea Ramirez

Shea Ramirez

Shea Ramirez

Biographical Questionnaire

What is your full name?

Kershemia La-Shea Ramirez


When were you born? Where?

April 2nd, 1973

Greensboro, NC


What is your educational background? 

BA in Public Administration

MS in Entertainment Business



What was/is your more recent job?    

Business Owner–Talent Agency, SH’Bella Model, Tax Genius, CEO of A Beautiful You, Inc.


Do you have pets?

Yes, I have a ferret named, Iggy, a rabbit named, Nyla, a turtle named, Babe, and my grandson’s dog is in the home, named, Carlos.

I have two Pitbulls named, Slasha and Amber.

On September 4th, 2017 our family had to put our beloved Pitbull, Alex to sleep. Alex battled cancer for a year. We have lost a few pets due to old age. Two parrots, Snowball and Poodle, and Richie the ferret. Lastly, several hermit crabs.


What are you reading?

World news, political information, educational material


What is a characteristic you have that makes you feel qualified to be Mayor? 

My characteristics are being relatable and effective, holding are parties accountable for our community. Along with setting an example of what a leader should look like.


What are the most important issues in this race to you?    


Economics- a lack of a living wage leads to crime, poverty, and poor health. No will power or motivation to succeed.