Steve Schewel Mayor Up Questions and Answers

Steve Schewel

Steve Schewel photo

Biographical Questionnaire

What is your full name?      Stephen Matthew Schewel


When were you born? Where?     1951, Lynchburg, Virginia


What is your educational background? 

BA from Duke, 1973

MA in English from Columbia, 1974

PhD in Education from Duke, 1982


What was/is your more recent job?    

Currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Duke University


Do you have pets?      No


What are you reading?    Shadow Country by Peter Matthiessen


What is a characteristic you have that makes you feel qualified to be Mayor? 

I love to listen deeply to what other people have to say.



What are the most important issues in this race to you?    


Here are the most important issues: Will the city we love be a city for all? Can we help everyone in Durham share in our newfound prosperity? Can we project Durham’s progressive values out into our state and nation, and can we live those values at home? As we grow, can we enhance rather than diminish our wonderful small-city quality of life, and can we ensure that everyone has access to the assets that create a healthy, happy city? Can Durham become a progressive beacon for the state and the nation?