from Catherine Howard's Johannesburg Sketchbook

Catherine Howard update

The Clarion Content checks in with friend, artist, adventurer and occasional guest correspondent, Catherine Howard. Ms. Howard is on a…


Stu Martell

Durham to do

There is always more to do in Durham than one can hardly keep up with. We consider this ultimate verification…

Local Celebrity Musicians Basketball game

DURM Hoops Classic

The fabulous folks over at The Art of Cool1 are sponsoring a Durham music celebrity/music writer game of hoops to…



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This category does not contain any posts yet


durham rooftop

What We’ve Seen May

-STREET SIGHTINGS     The Clarion Content encourages your comments. Please extend the discussion and leave a reply at the…

Jack Tar rooftop

The Toro Effect

Durham loves itself. It is not narcissistic, but empathetic love. That love is on display in the window at 101…