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Ari Berenbaum and 9th Street Bakery

by: Toriano Fredericks I first met Ari Berenbaum at the Durham’s Farmer’s Market at Central Park probably about a year ago. I was heading…

The High Road

The High Road:
Big Data, Small Humanity

Technological progress is moving at an exponential rate. At times, I think computers are using us more than we use them. Thousands of jobs every…

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Shots: short fiction by Meriel O’Connell

Dear readers, you have known Meriel O’Connell within pages as a terrific young journalist. She has written about the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival,…


From the Editor’s Desk

Messages from a mendicant of the now, our post-post-post-modern era: Pierre Gringoire’s long-lost cousin with a tip of the cap to Mr. Safire… I…

la buena vida 1 vector

Egg Custard from Grandma’s Kitchen

As my grandmother stood in her small kitchen with one elbow casually leaning on the counter and her left hand gripping an old Sunbeam…

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DURM Hip-Hop Summit Prep:
Battle Rap

You know the old phrase… “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Battle rappers would beg to differ….